Suited 4 Success : Success Stories!

One of the questions that I asked Regina Robinson during our interview was to give me some real life examples of success stories she has experienced with Suited 4 Success. She gave me the following examples. “I have had several success stories, I will tell you about two, one when...
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Behind Suited 4 Success

This week I am doing a special edition of Platinum Stilettos Ezine, because I wanted to feature this next lady entrepreneur in a timely manner so that you could take advantage of her services before the deadlines. The company I am referring to is a non profit organization called Suited...
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Closet Runway: More Than Just a Fashion Show

In April 2014, I was invited to do makeup for Closet Runway. As always, I was excited to do make up, but I didn’t know the totality of the treat that I was about to partake. Closet Runway is a culmination of the talent of NeShea Jennifer, owner of J...
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Platinum Stilettos Ezine Launch

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce to you my new Ezine, Platinum Stilettos. It is so very fitting that following Mother’s Day weekend, I am kicking off my Ezine dedicated to Moms, women, teens, and girls in our community, country and all over the world. This magazine is developed...
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