Step 8: Be Fearless

When I say to be fearless, most women picture themselves in a power suit commanding the boardroom or being in a room competing with men and coming out on top. This is not being fearless, for most of us it is just a mask that we put on to make...
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Makeup Tip for That Summer Glow

Ok ladies, we have dealt with the polar vortex all winter and now most of us are thinking about summer. Now we all know summer is hot and humid, so we really need a makeup that is light and quick so our face does not have that feeling of a...
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Step 7: Avoid Negative Influences

Avoid Negative Influences If you are going to embark on a new look and new you, one of the most important things you need to do is to avoid negative influences as much as possible. Now I am not saying to disown family members and friends, but if you know...
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Glamour Tip: Valentines Day Bring Your Sexy Ladies

Ladies we know that Valentines Day is really for us. Most men don’t care about the holiday except what they can get from their wives in the bedroom or other rooms if you have a place to send your kids. So this Valentines bring your sexy, ladies and give your...
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Step 6: Stop Working and Start Right Believing

Right Believing I started on this journey of 12 Steps to the New Look, New You at the beginning of 2014, because I want to help women see who they really are inside and out. This whole journey has been to lead to you to your true self. You are...
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